Monday, April 6, 2009

Calgon Days N Nights

Once upon a time, long, long ago, on a website now non-existent, a lovely story was told of how God's Grace prevailed despite human suffering, devastated hopes, and absolutely wrenching despair. Have you ever known God to lift you up from the depths of sorrow so that you may praise Him yet another day? He does have His Ways, doesn't He? When the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, you will know it. Maybe, if you are lucky like I was, you will live to tell it.

And tell it I will! Stay with the Winner's Circle to read excerpts to be posted about the day Heaven's Window opened for me. This so very precious and privileged moment brought a very personal revelation of the trials that awaited me in days and months ahead. Had I not been forewarned of God's Plan for my life, I am sure I would not have survived the pain and tremendous loss that was in store for me.

If ever a soul was magnified, then I would say it was mine. If ever you needed a reason to believe, then stay in the Winner's Circle. These short stories will be lifted from a book called, 'When Calgon Won't Take You Away'. It is a faith-based publication, a picture-book for all ages, depicting the final year of Christian Dance's life (1979-1984). While he was only 5 years old at his passing after succumbing to brain cancer, his testimonial of God's love for everyone in this world has brought many many people to the Lord. I am his mother - here in the Winner's Circle - to share with you why we must never give up.

Don't ever give up on God.

Your comments are certainly welcomed and your tears as you read are simple manifestations of your love for God.


  1. I can hardly wait to read more Marsha.

  2. Marsha, this will be a tremendous blog, I am excited to follow along. I am very sorry for your loss, but I believe God will use your life to be encouraging to others.